Happiness is liking what you have. 

I truly enjoy the average. I can find humor in almost anything. Looking for reasons to enjoy the things around me keep me going. Simple things allow me to enjoy life.

    I recently took a picture of a rainbow over our small town. The picture was perfect. The rainbow ended in the middle of town. The rainbow made me stop, get out my camera phone and capture the moment. To those that see the picture I’m sure it’s just a rainbow. The moment for me was more than that. I happened to be on top of a fire truck putting hose away. I was surrounded by the best men. Guys that will fight for me in a moment of terror. Guys that will help my family should my fate catch me early. Men that risk their lives for no pay and the rare thank you. The picture was of a rainbow. The moment was captured because of the rainbow. Whats memorable is realizing the company I’m keeping represents this towns finest men. The rainbow is nice but the comradery  of honorable men doing what’s best for their community was the moment. 

    My family creates moments like above for me all the time. From arguing over who is volunteering to do dishes or carry trays at community events. My kids have been asking if they can donate some of their toys. Simple things like my 6year old saying it’s time for me to teach her to ride the quad. Simple things like the 9 year old asking me to take her shooting. Simple things like my wife driving the quad down the road pulling a trailer full of wood. Simple things make me happy. Nothing is more important than family. 

  Happiness isn’t getting what you want. Happiness is liking what you have. 

Do you like what you have? What are you willing to do to make it better?



Hug your loved ones. Help those in need. 

It’s been a tough night. I’m full of emotion and I’m tempted to wake my kids up to hug them. When the rescue turns into a recovery it does effect the toughest of men. This blog is one of my outlets. 

     I interviewed a young hopeful man today. He is seeking a management position. He had some very well rehearsed dialog during my interview. I asked him many standard boring questions and he gave the correct answers standardized by Google. I asked about his hobbies. He said he loved sports. Not what sport for any particular reason but sports. Maybe he doesn’t know field hockey and curling are sports. Most folks I know have one or two sports they follow but this guy loves them all! 

     He mentioned he loves helping people. That was where I could find common ground. I too love helping people. I asked him how he helps people. He said he helps veterans. That’s a worthy cause. I asked him to define how he helps them. He said he donates money. 30 years old, father of two and unemployed. I wonder if he claims his donations at tax time?  He’s still looking for work by the way.

    My buddies just donated from midnight till 03:00 helping do a job nobody should ever have to do. We did it for free. What has more value? This young mans cash or the backs of my brotherhood from doing the heavy lifting. Don’t tell me you help in your community unless there’s evidence of work on your hands. Don tell me you like helping people until you’ve put someone else first. Until you’ve held a stranger in so much pain you don’t have the words. When your the one looking a family in the eye as they ….. Struggle. When have you last bought groceries for another’s family in their time of need? What have you really done to make people happy?

I’m going to Bragg but only to make a point. I had 5 used bicycles. I was planning to take the to the curb for the trash man. I instead offered them to a friend that has 4 kids. He stored the bikes for two months and gave them to his kids as Christmas gifts. I still get a, “Thank You” from time to time. If you look past yourself you just might be able to help people with out much expense or effort. Are you looking around? 

    Hug your kids. Tell your wife how much you love her. Be a good neighbor. Get some dirt on your hands making some one else’s day brighter. Don’t tell anyone you help or donate unless you actually do it. Let your kids see you help others. It’s better for your kids to see your actions than hear your good intentions.  



Thanks for reading, if you made it this far. I needed to decompress and these rants help. Friends are hard to come by at 3am. I could certainly use more friends.

Thank you


Long blonde hair

I often enjoy the sounds of my family after a long days work. The conversations can range from school projects to animal flatulence. Tonight’s rather loud argumentation was over hair color. One daughter is yelling dark Blonde and the other is yelling Blonde. Mom jumps in with, “Redish blonde, not really straight blonde”. They are all laughing in between ribbings. 

    I get to hear all of this during my own little side adventure. I was trying to brush my teeth. I say trying because the instant I turned the water on the sink started to back up. No water was leaving the sink. With a family this large calling the plumber is not an option. Poor folk don’t call plumbers. Besides I’m an experienced father of four blondes of various shades. I set my toothbrush on the sink. I’ve done this so many times it’s like breathing. The P-trap comes off the drain. The trap adjuster comes off and enough hair comes out to knit a sweater. I’m privileged to the hair color argumentation during reassembly. None of them are even aware of the problem I just resolved.

   I love my blondes. I’d clean the drain weekly to keep them here forever. Soon mother and I will be so bald no drain will ever be clogged. For now though, I think some hair cuts are in order! Extra short!



Permit for unreasonable search and seizure.

I just read an opinion article. The article explains how a CCW permit should be as valid as a drivers license. A CCW permit from one state should cover you in all 50.
I argue we already have it. It’s called The Bill of Rights. The 2nd one has been severely violated over the years. The 2nd amendment is our CCW permit. This is a stark difference between the CCW permit and a drivers license. There is no right to drive a Car. There is no national permit required for free speech or the right to be secure in our person. We don’t need a permit to keep troops from being quartered in our homes. What is this CCW permit nonsense?
I’d like to see all of the Bill of Rights treated equally. We need to start pursuing violators. It’s as simple to me as prosecuting violators for their oath of office. They swore to uphold our constitution. Those opposing a portion of it should be removed from office.
I think the Second Amendment foundation has the correct approach. They are suing smaller cases and winning bit by bit the larger war on our 2nd amendment rights the same way we’ve lost it. Little by little gaining our rights back.



Small town fire department and community.

This is best read using an Alabama sounding accent.

You know your in a small town when the Fire Department shuts down a state route and nobody knows.
You know your on a rural Fire Department when your waiting for some traffic to direct and start to count the points of the dead deer in the ditch next to you.
You know you’re rural because the road has been closed for 20 minutes and 0 cars are in line to get past the closure.
You know your a Redneck when your assessing the accident and thinking to yourself, the tires on that upside down truck look really good for mudding. (Not so great for roads apparently).
And lastly, you know you are in a good small town when locals come out of their homes in below freezing temperatures to lend a hand to a stranger. When the community jumps in to slow and advise traffic of the scene ahead. Without good neighbors slowing and stopping traffic prior to First responders this could have easily been a multi car accident.
Where strangers not only call to report the accident but also stop to check on the driver.
It’s good to have further affirmation of my high opinion and respect for this community.

A lucky Redneck from small town USA



No more cop bashing

I’m tired of the cop bashing. We as a nation need to spend a week in a cop car. See what it’s like to have a call come across the screen in the cruiser. See what it’s like to pull up to a strange person and have them pull a gun on you. How long would you wait to react? Do you really know how hard it is to decide if a gun is real or not in the .5 a second you have to decide to shoot or not? Do you think the age or color of a person matters when they are reaching for their waistband? This damn armchair refereeing has got to be turned off.
To the protesters and agitators. Your fake race war doesn’t interest me. How you are acting does. Do you realize the example you are setting for your children? Do you realize that as you stand in a line screaming and cursing at our officers your children are absorbing your hatred. You are endangering more lives in the future. If you want to change how police interact with you, look inside yourself. Teach your kids terms like please and thank you. Teach them that if a cop says stop, it’s a good idea to stop. It’s an even better idea to not break laws or fight with cops.
My kids respect officers. My kids have the common sense to not reach for a gun as a cop approaches. My kids won’t run away from the cops when instructed to stop. My family won’t be in a protest group harassing and spitting on those charged with keeping my family safe at night.
I won’t tell the media how good my little Johnny is if he has a criminal record the length of my arm.
I won’t sue the police dept if my kid is trying to assault an officer.
Lastly, will make a point of saying thank you and offering my support for every officer I meet. I appreciate the tough choices they make daily. The sacrifices they make to wear their uniform. I encourage all of us to show some support for the officers in your community. They need some positive input right now. I know the silent majority of us stand with officers. Stop being silent. Let our cops hear us. Let the media hear us. Let’s turn this tide with the power of support. I won’t remain silent. I want officers to know most of us support them. Don’t get disheartened by a few instigators.

Thank you officers.



Feeding the animals

My lovely bride cooked us a fantastic dinner 5:00. We all went to a winter festival. On the way home we stopped at a fast food restaurant7:30. We got home around 8:00pm and all had ice cream. These growing children take lots of food. They are all eating machines. I think the next meal is all they think about. My grocery bill could be used to pay for a brand new car. The worst part is I’m the only overweight person in the house. I think my kids out eat me!