Proud dad moment

Our small town has an annual festival put on by the fire department. The proceeds help the fire department. The event helps unify a community annually for a few short hours.

My employer is gracious enough to donate and sets up a booth. We answer business questions and hand out some branded merchandise. We also have a few raffles handing out a few small prizes just for fun. One of the items My employer raffled off this year were fidget spinners. These are a popular item and many kids were excited about a chance to win one. These little toys had lots of kids excited. They stood eagerly for drawing of the tickets.

My co workers ran the booth while I was working the dunk tank. I took a break from my Fire Dept duties and checked in at the booth to make sure they had all they needed. The woman running our booth tells me my 8yr old daughter won a fidget spinner. She followed up my high five with, but winning it upset your daughter. My daughter told her, “Dad would be mad that I won the fidget spinner. Dad bought them for the community.” She gave her prize away to another kid. I couldn’t be prouder of her. It’s a great sign that kids do watch how we lead our lives. This was a very big parenting moment for me.


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