Play together to stay together

Have you heard the saying, “Those that play together stay together”?

Our family does a few things together. We always eat as a family. If we go to a park or a swimming pool we go as a family. Going together is not the same to me as playing together. We all like different things. Liking different things doesn’t mean we don’t like each other.

When I go shooting I will invite my family. Some times they all come other times one will come. Occasionally, no body wants to come. I’ve never forced any one to come shooting. I truly love shooting and encourage every one to become proficient. We shouldn’t expect for us all to like all the same things.

I am a big fan of Appleseed. I suggest every one should attended an Appleseed course (Appleseedinfo.org). I have invited my wife and kids. I have only had one of my kids attend an Appleseed. Not liking the same things is good and healthy.

Forcing those around you to like what you like is unhealthy. I don’t think playing together is as important as making time to be with your family. For us its mostly dinner time. Make room in your schedule for the time together. If it happens to be play that’s fine as long as everyone there is a willing participant.

Now go hug your family.