How often do you do laundry?

    So you want 4 kids? Learn how to do laundry with out a break. Wake up and start the washer. Start the washer and make the kids lunch. Start the washer and make dinner. Start the washer right after the evening showers. Start the washer and head to town for groceries and laundry soap. This evening is a great example of how dirty laundry is created in excess amounts. 

       It rained again today. It seems like a steady weeks worth of rain. Rivers are at flood stage and the rains are still coming. It’s hot, muggy and raining. The kids have been playing in the yard most of the afternoon. They started dabbling in the puddles. They got their pants wet. They came in to get on shorts to wade in the puddles. Then they decided to come inside and put on bathing suits. The kids played hard for hours in the rain and puddles. Mom drags them inside to get showers before evening dinner as a family. Mom dictated they put on PJs for the evening. Fed, showered and ready for bed with only 4 sets of clothes x 4 kids. 

   Then dad gets out the ATV . The kids sneak out the back door and jump,on their own ATV. Splashing through the puddles at a high rate of speed they live on the edge! The edge isn’t from riding. The edge opens the back door and firmly suggests it’s time to park the ATVs.  Round two of showers and round 5 of clothes for the day. Now all of the kids are back inside and in Pajama set #2 for the evening. 

    Be prepared to do laundry for preventative maintance. I recently had my wife explain to me that she gave the kids clothes to put away. The kids took the clean clothes and piled them in their rooms. They put the clean clothes right in with the dirty clothes. Poor mom had to wash all the clothes. 

  Dirty Laundry seems to be an example of a self perpetuating machine. No matter what you do, more laundry is coming! 



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