An afternoon fishing with 4 kids and the wife. 

Have you ever fished with four kids? Let’s start with gear. Things like poles, hooks and bobbers aren’t too expensive and tend to last a few years once purchased. Worms were $4.99 a dozen at the local stop-N-rob. 12 worms means we all get 2 worms each. You better buy $20 worth of worms. Kids love a soda on a warm summer day. Buy a 12 pack of soda so we all get 2 cans each. It’s smart to take some water, sun screen and bug spray. Grab 6 folding chairs, 6 hats and the cooler. That gets us to the water. 

     Once at the lake it’s time to fish. If fishing means tying hooks, bobbers and sinkers for a crew of 6. Once all the poles are tied and baited I start handing them to the kids. I hear the first cast go directly into a tree branch. I Set up the rest of the poles then start working on getting the bobber from the tree. As soon as it’s free I hear,”Daddy my line is tangled”.  I need a 1/4 stick of dynamite and a samari sword to de tangle this rig. Now they all want a soda. Then the bugs start biting. Now we smell like bug spray, spilled soda and worm guts. 

   We never did catch a fish. I’m not even sure we had fun. We did spend the afternoon together. 

   Days like this make life worth all the hassles. I love my family.  


Family trips are few and far between. Sometimes you need to step back and say, “yep, I survived that trip”. I’m already looking forward to the next one!