Happiness is liking what you have. 

I truly enjoy the average. I can find humor in almost anything. Looking for reasons to enjoy the things around me keep me going. Simple things allow me to enjoy life.

    I recently took a picture of a rainbow over our small town. The picture was perfect. The rainbow ended in the middle of town. The rainbow made me stop, get out my camera phone and capture the moment. To those that see the picture I’m sure it’s just a rainbow. The moment for me was more than that. I happened to be on top of a fire truck putting hose away. I was surrounded by the best men. Guys that will fight for me in a moment of terror. Guys that will help my family should my fate catch me early. Men that risk their lives for no pay and the rare thank you. The picture was of a rainbow. The moment was captured because of the rainbow. Whats memorable is realizing the company I’m keeping represents this towns finest men. The rainbow is nice but the comradery  of honorable men doing what’s best for their community was the moment. 

    My family creates moments like above for me all the time. From arguing over who is volunteering to do dishes or carry trays at community events. My kids have been asking if they can donate some of their toys. Simple things like my 6year old saying it’s time for me to teach her to ride the quad. Simple things like the 9 year old asking me to take her shooting. Simple things like my wife driving the quad down the road pulling a trailer full of wood. Simple things make me happy. Nothing is more important than family. 

  Happiness isn’t getting what you want. Happiness is liking what you have. 

Do you like what you have? What are you willing to do to make it better?



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