Long blonde hair

I often enjoy the sounds of my family after a long days work. The conversations can range from school projects to animal flatulence. Tonight’s rather loud argumentation was over hair color. One daughter is yelling dark Blonde and the other is yelling Blonde. Mom jumps in with, “Redish blonde, not really straight blonde”. They are all laughing in between ribbings. 

    I get to hear all of this during my own little side adventure. I was trying to brush my teeth. I say trying because the instant I turned the water on the sink started to back up. No water was leaving the sink. With a family this large calling the plumber is not an option. Poor folk don’t call plumbers. Besides I’m an experienced father of four blondes of various shades. I set my toothbrush on the sink. I’ve done this so many times it’s like breathing. The P-trap comes off the drain. The trap adjuster comes off and enough hair comes out to knit a sweater. I’m privileged to the hair color argumentation during reassembly. None of them are even aware of the problem I just resolved.

   I love my blondes. I’d clean the drain weekly to keep them here forever. Soon mother and I will be so bald no drain will ever be clogged. For now though, I think some hair cuts are in order! Extra short!