Permit for unreasonable search and seizure.

I just read an opinion article. The article explains how a CCW permit should be as valid as a drivers license. A CCW permit from one state should cover you in all 50.
I argue we already have it. It’s called The Bill of Rights. The 2nd one has been severely violated over the years. The 2nd amendment is our CCW permit. This is a stark difference between the CCW permit and a drivers license. There is no right to drive a Car. There is no national permit required for free speech or the right to be secure in our person. We don’t need a permit to keep troops from being quartered in our homes. What is this CCW permit nonsense?
I’d like to see all of the Bill of Rights treated equally. We need to start pursuing violators. It’s as simple to me as prosecuting violators for their oath of office. They swore to uphold our constitution. Those opposing a portion of it should be removed from office.
I think the Second Amendment foundation has the correct approach. They are suing smaller cases and winning bit by bit the larger war on our 2nd amendment rights the same way we’ve lost it. Little by little gaining our rights back.