Small town fire department and community.

This is best read using an Alabama sounding accent.

You know your in a small town when the Fire Department shuts down a state route and nobody knows.
You know your on a rural Fire Department when your waiting for some traffic to direct and start to count the points of the dead deer in the ditch next to you.
You know you’re rural because the road has been closed for 20 minutes and 0 cars are in line to get past the closure.
You know your a Redneck when your assessing the accident and thinking to yourself, the tires on that upside down truck look really good for mudding. (Not so great for roads apparently).
And lastly, you know you are in a good small town when locals come out of their homes in below freezing temperatures to lend a hand to a stranger. When the community jumps in to slow and advise traffic of the scene ahead. Without good neighbors slowing and stopping traffic prior to First responders this could have easily been a multi car accident.
Where strangers not only call to report the accident but also stop to check on the driver.
It’s good to have further affirmation of my high opinion and respect for this community.

A lucky Redneck from small town USA