No more cop bashing

I’m tired of the cop bashing. We as a nation need to spend a week in a cop car. See what it’s like to have a call come across the screen in the cruiser. See what it’s like to pull up to a strange person and have them pull a gun on you. How long would you wait to react? Do you really know how hard it is to decide if a gun is real or not in the .5 a second you have to decide to shoot or not? Do you think the age or color of a person matters when they are reaching for their waistband? This damn armchair refereeing has got to be turned off.
To the protesters and agitators. Your fake race war doesn’t interest me. How you are acting does. Do you realize the example you are setting for your children? Do you realize that as you stand in a line screaming and cursing at our officers your children are absorbing your hatred. You are endangering more lives in the future. If you want to change how police interact with you, look inside yourself. Teach your kids terms like please and thank you. Teach them that if a cop says stop, it’s a good idea to stop. It’s an even better idea to not break laws or fight with cops.
My kids respect officers. My kids have the common sense to not reach for a gun as a cop approaches. My kids won’t run away from the cops when instructed to stop. My family won’t be in a protest group harassing and spitting on those charged with keeping my family safe at night.
I won’t tell the media how good my little Johnny is if he has a criminal record the length of my arm.
I won’t sue the police dept if my kid is trying to assault an officer.
Lastly, will make a point of saying thank you and offering my support for every officer I meet. I appreciate the tough choices they make daily. The sacrifices they make to wear their uniform. I encourage all of us to show some support for the officers in your community. They need some positive input right now. I know the silent majority of us stand with officers. Stop being silent. Let our cops hear us. Let the media hear us. Let’s turn this tide with the power of support. I won’t remain silent. I want officers to know most of us support them. Don’t get disheartened by a few instigators.

Thank you officers.



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