The morning after a party.

You know you have 4 kids when some things in your life change. We recently had a party. It was bring your own beverage. That used to mean bring your own beer and to me it still does. After a late night with friends clean up usually involved empty cans, broken bottles and a guest that wasn’t able to leave. My party days are officially over. It wasn’t until this morning I realized Sweeping one beer cap, half a bag of chips and a bunch of balloons meant I’m over the hill.
It’s not all bad. The kids had fun. Every one drives home safe. Nobody called off work. There was no aspirin needed.



It was better back then.

How often do you hear phrases about how much better life was years ago. Life was simpler. Things were better. The good old days are gone.
My good old days are now. I’m in the best years of my life. My kids are growing like weeds. We have stability in our family. My kids, wife and myself eat dinner together. We play together. We help each other and our community. These are my good old days. This is the time I am happiest. My family under my roof is what I live for. I strive to make the best of every moment. I know it will be gone in a few short years. My oldest will be driving in 3 more years. She’s not going to make time for me like we have now. In a few more years my pretty little girls aren’t going to want to swim in a muddy creek with dad. There will be dating, make up and school activities molding them into the person they will become. Soon days with dad will be memories to all of us. I know my heart will be aching for just one more day with my girls. I know it’s going to break my heart when they have their own lives. When they have their own jobs and kids. My girls own lives making them too busy for my wife and Myself.
What if the daughters I’ve spent raising to stay together no longer have time or need for each other? What if they won’t even speak to each other? I pledge to use every ounce of energy I have to keep my girls together. I have the fortunate advantage of having solid friends with families that have stayed together. I will Learn all I can from these solid families to keep my kids helping each other.
Today is the good old day for me. The present time with my wife and kids. Yes, now is my good old day. I will enjoy today even when I think of times to come. I am enjoying these days.

This is off topic but I couldn’t stop myself.
I want my girls to be exposed to the simple things in life that are quickly being forgotten. Simple things like catching a fish, cleaning the fish and eating the fish. I want them to have the ability to sustain themselves independently from the masses. Is buying a fish sandwich for a dollar easy? You bet it is. What if you don’t have a dollar? What if the restaurants are closed? You won’t starve if you can fish. I am teaching them to fish, hunt and be good neighbors.