Life guards are not babysitters

We went swimming at a local lake. It’s fun trying to watch 4 kids swimming. My wife and I both stay focused on counting the kids.
Some parents can’t seem to track one kid. Myself and the girls were swimming together. A little girl maybe 8 years old swam up and asked if she could play with us. We all swam together for a couple of hours. Not once did I notice a parent checking on where or whom this girl was playing with. During a break I watched where she went. She walked to a far corner of the beach with a grandmother appearing figure and sat down. There was no possible way for this “guardian” to see where we were swimming. It’s also noteworthy that the position she was sitting in was opposite the exit. Some one could have easily walked out of the swimming area with her child. It’s very sad to think about such things but there’s no substitution for vigilance.
The girls and I were swimming close to the diving board. I noticed a boy about 9years old struggling to get back to shore. He was going under water till he touched bottom then pushing off the bottom to break the surface for a breath. I rapidly swam to him from 30 feet away. When I got to him I extended a hand and he quickly grabbed it. I swam him to shallower water. He said he was OK and thanked me. He went back to the beach. I pointed him out to the life guard. I let the lifeguard know I just kept him from drowning and to keep an eye on him. She thanked me but seemed pretty indifferent to my report.
Life guards are not babysitters. Watch your kids. Don’t assume some one else will watch your kids. It’s your job to keep them safe.

God help us all to be better parents.