Children grow and learn mischief

My 5 and 7 year old are in the bathroom brushing their teeth. My wife decides they’ve been in there a bit too long. Her suspicion send her towards the bathroom. Through the closed door I hear the 7 year old say,”Mom is coming hurry up”. Where do the learn this logic? I won’t claim I haven’t done this but have I ever said.”hurry up your mom is coming”? What teaches them to hurry up and complete mischief prior to being caught? I want them to learn to take responsibility for their choices. If they think they need to hide something then I want them to contemplate their actions.
Parenting is tough but worth every minute.

In case you wanted to know, they were struggling to get the cap off the toothpaste. The urgency was created from trying to complete tooth brushing before mom arrived.
In my best Harry potter voice,
Mischief managed


My family gives me wings.

Let’s start with assuring you I’m no hero. But it’s easy to feel that with with the support I get from my kids. We were at the park today having a good time. I was called to the fire department. I leave my kids with my wife and scurry off to the station.
Our fireman pile into the fire truck and race towards the call. As we pass the city park the co driver calls out “kids running but they are inside the fence”. It was mostly my kids running to the parks edge of the fence to wave at the fire truck. It’s a great feeling seeing my kids lined up cheering our department on. I don’t think there’s many people left that understand the importance of having men willing to come help in their time of need. Well I can assure you my kids understand. They also sacrifice their time with dad on a warm sunny Sunday to help a complete stranger. Their support just amazes me. Not once have they ever said,”Dad don’t go”. They just cheer me on. Their positive attitudes lift my spirits. It’s hard leaving my family alone in the park. It’s got to be hard for my family to watch me go but they just continue supporting me.
I’m one very lucky man. My kids make my day over and over. They all make me very proud.