Setting the standard.

Today I became Acutely aware of the legacy I am leaving on this planet. I have a touch of hillbilly with a dash of redneck in my veins. I enjoy my lifestyle of working long hard hours. I enjoy being available to help my community. I have often asked the question what are you teaching your kids. I asked are you setting the good example for them. Today I got a dose of my example.
Today was my day off and the kids had a snow day from school. We all decided to go to a large outdoor store together. I’m wondering how many families piled into a car today and drove to a gun store? This is legacy #1 for today. My family likes hunting/gun stores.
We decided to eat at a nice sit down restaurant. We drove around looking at places to east near this gun shop. (Here is #2) we picked out a pizza buffet.
After lunch we parked at the outdoor shop. As I was holding the car door for my daughters I started a familiar chuckle. My 5 year old is wearing pink snowmobile boots and we don’t own a snowmobile. (#3). My 7 year old steps out wearing pink camo jeans and pink cowboy boots, we don’t own cattle (#4). My 11 year old steps out wearing a mossy oak t-shirt and Cabelas hoodie, (#5). My 13 year old steps out wearing a Duck Dynasty T-shirt (#6). I’m pleading the 5th for my wife and myself but I’m admitting #7 is clearly covered. Of course we are both armed (#8).
Our redneckery standard is proven as strong as our attire inside the gun store. The girls all head for the camo clothes(#9) racks. My wife and I start searching for unicorns and 22lr (#10).
To further prove my point, I pointed at the gun wall and told my wife I plan to buy that one.(not a shock). My wife answered, “Thats fine just get the one you want”. (#11). Since this wasn’t my favorite gun shop I didn’t buy one. Penn Station will be getting my money. But who else has a wife that doesn’t mind another new gun(#12).
After the drive home from the gun shop I was asked to get the four wheeler and sled out(#13). We tied the sled to the quad and I drug the kids to town (#14). We went to the local community sled riding hill. On our way we happened to run into a fellow fireman, his wife and son riding their quad around town (#15, we aren’t alone).
Those are 15 examples of solid Redneckery.
Today was full of nuances that I know are a direct reflection of the example I set. It’s not so much a good vs bad story. It’s just the reflection of myself in the family that has me. I’m a lucky man. I love my family.



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