The RNR Lion sneak attack.

My 7 year old has a lion outfit from Halloween. She enjoys playing as a lion. This evening she put on her costume and hid in the bathroom. She quietly waited for her moment to attack. My oldest daughter excused her self and headed to the restroom with out knowledge of the waiting lion. The bathroom door opened. The lion came out leaping and roaring as a lion should. The surprise attack should have scared my 12 year old. However, this is RNR(Red Neck Ranch). My 12 year old drops to one knee and makes gun shape with her hand and starts yelling Pow Pow Pow.
I’m busting a gut laughing. Instead of screaming and running she chose to become a smaller target, steady her aim and shoot to stop the threat. Regardless, it cracks me up her first instinct was to shoot. I hope she remembers we eat what we shoot. I wonder what lion tastes like?



Enjoy the moment and teach what matters.

The girls have been pestering my wife and I for a Christmas tree since a week prior to Thanksgiving. Today my family drug home yet another live tree for the season. I realize this is one of the few things I don’t have to purchase 4 of and chuckle to myself. They prepared for the tree to come inside. My bride moved some furniture, pulled out the stand and put down the skirt. She left the tree in the garage to have the trunk trimmed prior to the installation. When I got home from work I found my trimming of the trunk was holding up the tree install. I decided this year the kids should trim the trunk. They are old enough to handle a hand saw. I think my 6 year old would run the chainsaw if I let her. None of them could cut very much but they all had to try a hand at pulling the saw back and forth across the trunk.


After trimming 2 inches off the trunk 4 times, we drug the tree inside to spread Christmas cheer, pine needles and potential fiery demise of our home. (Keep in mind I’m a fireman. Trees are a box of matches waiting for their moment).

My Red Neck family has once again made my day. As they hang their stockings I smile. I had forgotten they picked out pink camo stockings with what appears to be a Browning logo. It’s just a deer to them but I see it as a Browning logo. Dad has one made from a carhart type material and moms stocking is pretty but not traditional. As I’m laughing at my Red Neck kids stockings, I realize their stockings are hung in front of our NRA pistol course certificates. For every one of their hill billy acts I seem to easily identify some of my own. The truth is always funnier than fiction, even if it stings a little.


I hope all of you can find the humor in this and yourselves. Remember to take a minute to think about what you are teaching your family. Make time to help your community together. Show them the true spirit of Christmas isn’t the new IPad, smart phone or Broadsword. It’s about helping others out of kindness and spreading joy. Let your family see you helping others. Seek the opportunity for your family to help others. My kids help out in the community and donate their old toys and clothes to those in need. I’d like to think my kids see the value of helping others. Set the good example. Everyone is watching you. So be good for goodness sake.

Slow down and enjoy the moments that matter. Work may always be on your mind. Your bills will still be there tomorrow. Your actions represent what your kids will learn and reflect. What do your kids see in you?

Merry Christmas from RNR.